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Picnic in the Park, 2011

Well, it seems as if my 8 years as the bassist for Living Water is drawing to a close. Playing in Living Water has always been and always will be an awe-inspiring time in my life.

This excerpt from the email I sent to Pastor Brian Messler sums it up quite accurately:

"I’ve been soul-searching on this for a while (3-6 months). That is to say, this has not been an easy decision. Bottom line, I need to transition out of playing with Living Water.

My constant time and effort in caring for my mom is the main reason. The other reason is my desire to do something different at this time in my life. I would like to revisit my artistic side for a while, which entails painting, drawing, etc. I stopped doing those things midstream a long time ago and never felt I reached my full potential.

Simply put, the seasons of life change, and I need to move forward and change with the seasons.”

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#chillin (at Halusanation)

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Current status. #woodsman (at Halusanation)

  • Vetra wishes everyone a Merry Christmas (at Halusanation)

Vetra wishes everyone a Merry Christmas (at Halusanation)

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